Five Aims of Global Alliance IDMC

Restoring Catalytic Leadership

  • To champion the Vision while personifying the Values
  • To master the Success while mentoring the Successors
  • To expand the Ministry while enlarging the Soul

Optimising Consecrated Stewardship

  • Cultivating a network of shared resources
  • Cultivating excellence through best practices

Deepening Covenantal Relationships

  • Developing a friendship network of kindred spirits
  • Promoting mutual learning and support

Leveraging Creative Partnerships

  • Encouraging broad-based disciplemaking through different models
  • Advancing Kingdom agendas together through joint efforts

Championing Christ-Centred Discipleship

  • A Faith Worth Having
  • Understanding the heart of the Gospel
  • A Master Worth Following
  • Understanding the heart of Jesus
  • A Cause Worth Pursuing
  • Understanding the Cross and Missions
  • A Life Worth Living
  • Understanding our Kingdom Destiny in God

Our strategy is to seek and promote the most effective disciple-making vehicles in the world today. We look for and recommend best practices for disciple-making in the local church to the Body of Christ at large.