Our Heartbeat"To leave a legacy of a movement; not a monument."

Five Cries of the Church

1) Too many programmes
2) Too few volunteers
3) The leadership vision is not clear
4) The leaders are not united
5) The members are not spiritually fed

The Critical Need Today

The critical need of the Church today is for spiritual depth and authenticity. It has been rightly lamented that although we have the largest Church in history, we also have the shallowest! Doing supersedes being. Goals supersede growth. Accomplishment supersedes authenticity.

Many local churches include the terms “making disciples” or “disciple-making” in their mission statements. However, few go beyond mere rhetoric to actually engage in international disciple-making. Fewer still have an established track record of reproducing disciples of spiritual depth and maturity.

Real spiritual depth can only come about when we return to the biblical blueprint of authentic discipleship and intentional disciple-making in the local church!

We thank God for strong, vibrant churches. However, for every strong church, there exists many weak and struggling churches. Something must be done about this!

Let's join hands and work together!

The Challenge Before Us

The complacency is staggering... The modern church is struggling to reproduce disciples of spiritual depth, yet too little is being done about it. This is a critical concern.

Studies have identified three critical concerns:

  • Many church leaders fail to assess the spiritual health of their congregation.
  • Many church goers and church leaders struggle to articulate a biblical understanding of spiritual maturity. This is crippling to true discipleship.
  • Many church leaders want to guide their congregation towards spiritual wholeness, but few are clear and intentional about the processes and their outcome.

Intentionality: The Missing Ingredient

A senior pastor of a mega-church once commented, “We have disciplemaking in our church. But one thing is missing. Our disciplemaking is not intentional.”

He echoes the exact sentiment of many pastors: “We need to be more intentional.” Intentionality is needed to build a people of depth. It doesn’t just happen!