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Discipleship Materials By Edmund Chan

Think Big, Start Small, Build Deep

It is a daring philosophy of leadership. For us, it is a reminder to stop comparing. And to stay true and courageous to our specific calling from God. It cultivates a mentoring leadership committed to developing leaders who build to last. 

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Leadership Realities

Slogans are captivating. We live in a slogan-driven society. The world of advertising is totally dependent upon them. It employs catchy slogans to call us to reach for Coke, “the real thing”, or to heed Nike’s challenge to “just do it!” Slogans inspires. Slogans focus energy. Slogans sells.

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Personal Leadership
Into Thy Hands: The Discipleship of Sacred Trust

Trust is not easy to come by. And it’s even harder if it is a sacred trust in God. Nonetheless, the life of Jesus demonstrates such a unique trust. And His death distinctively offers an eloquent expression of it. 

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