When Darkness Comes (Part 3) (Psalm 36:1-12)

I don’t normally rehash my posts. But here’s an exception.

The following is adapted from a previous TFYD, titled “Living Confidently In An Age Of Uncertainty (Psalm 36)”.

It fits quite well as a final segment of my reflections on Psalm 36.

I want to draw out for you four keys for living confidently in uncertain times when darkness comes.


In uncertain times, we can be certain of GOD’S LOVE!

The psalmist declares: “How precious is your STEADFAST LOVE, O God!” (v.7a).

“Steadfast love” is the English translation of the Hebrew word “hesed”. It is the grace-word of the Old Testament (used 249 times), and it denotes covenant loyalty in an unchanging, constant love.

Psalm 36 raves about the hesed of God. Verse 5 declares: “Your steadfast love, O Lord, extends to the heavens, your faithfulness to the clouds.”

God does not wait till we are deserving and then He’ll love us. The Bible says, “But God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us” (Rom 5:8).

Such love. Such hesed!


In the darkness of uncertain times, we must be wise to TAKE REFUGE IN GOD.

Psalms 36:7b continues – “The children of mankind take refuge”. The Hebrew word translated “refuge” is “ḥāsâh”.

“Hāsâh” (refuge) is a security word. The question is, wherein lies our true security when trouble comes? The answer? “Under the shadow of His wings!”

God embraces us under His wings. Contrast this with how often we find our refuge, not in God, but in our own wisdom, our own strength, our own resources etc. Coming “under the shadow of His wings” is the idea of intimacy and protection of God.

If we really know the ‘Hesed’ (love) of God, then it is only wise to find our ‘Hasah’ (refuge) in him.


In uncertain times, we must anchor IN GOD’s WORD!

To the question of what we are to do in the darkness of the hour, the psalmist says in verse 9: “For with you is the fountain of life; IN YOUR LIGHT DO WE SEE LIGHT.”

The light here refers to the revelation of God. When we are in the dark, we cannot see – but by the revelation of God, we are able to truly SEE. The Word of God offers the depth of understanding and discernment.

No one is spared from the challenges of life. But for the believer, it means that even when storms come (and they will), the Word of the Lord anchors us. In it, we have a testimony that God is faithful.

And in God’s faithfulness, we find our rest. We move beyond restless self-reliance to a rested yieldedness.


In the darkness of uncertain times, we should commit to KNOWING GOD!

The psalmist continues in verse 10: “Oh, continue your steadfast love (hesed) TO THOSE WHO KNOW YOU”.

Cultivate a spiritual hunger to KNOW GOD. Be alert that we don’t lose our hunger for God. Beware that the thrill of business or ministry, or the disappointment of defeat do not displace our hunger for God.

So now, we come a full cycle.

The more I KNOW GOD and desire Him (Key 4), the more I would delight in His REVELATION (Key 3), resulting in a restedness in His security and REFUGE (Key 2) and a yieldedness in His LOVE (Key 1).

Put it all together now.

Psalm 36 teaches us that taking refuge in God’s steadfast love – by walking in His Word and knowing Him – is the biblical key to living confidently in the darkness of uncertain times!

Have a blessed pilgrimage ahead!